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Published 2012-09-26 08:47:00 in D90, Materiella-ting, Material-things, Ord, Words, Svartvitt, BlackandWhite,

Idag jobbar jag hemifrån med Bm's berättelser som klasser från bland annat Södertälje har skrivit och Bm's debutanternas fotografier. Jag kommer också ladda upp lite inlägg här men de kommer vara schemanlagda så att jag kan fokusera till 100% på mitt arbete.
Today I'll be working at home with Bm's stories (written by children ofcourse!) at their website and Bm's debutant photos. And I'll be posting a few entries while I'm working but they will be scheduled so I can focus to 100% on my work.


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In this blog you will find photos taken by me with my cute ”little” Nikon D90. From time to time there will pop up a photo or two from my oldest DSLR – Nikon D40X.