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Varneby, Sweden.

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Today I spent most of my day out at my grandparents place in Varneby.
We did some cleaning (vacuuming and laundry), changing the curtains (from Christmas-theme to regular) and we ate breakfast and lunch together. I also began to watch the Muppets but I missed most of the film since I was busy with other stuff. Oh, yeah, I went for two short walks with Tindra, Akka and grandmother.
Tindra and me, in the car waiting for my mother to come back from the supermarket.
Grandparents back or front yard, not sure which but I assume it's the front.
Akka, grandparents and uncles dog - such a cutie!
She makes this noise, that "regular" dogs makes when they are pissed off,
when she is pleased, happy or just wants to talk with/attention from you.


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