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Crayfish Party with Adzsa.

Published 2012-08-18 17:47:00 in iPhone,

For some weird reason I have to upload/update and show you guys my iPhone photos from a computer since's app doesn't work - again(!) and I tried updating with different types of settings and still it doesn't work. I've even given a short post over 15 minutes to be published and still it didn't got published...
Either way, Adzsa survived the swedish traditional crawfish party.
We had many laughs and Adzsa got to taste the traditional "nubbe" which was a little bit of fun to watch since it is a bit harsh in taste compared to the sake everyone (except me, because I was the "taxi driver") was drinking. But don't worry, I will taste sake later because we have sake at home.
I probably should update this blog with some photos from my camera since I've already taken like over 300 photos with it since friday evening.


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