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Wrote an entry...

Published 2013-07-30 23:41:07 in iPhone,

...then realized that the photos weren't "web-friendly". I save them in .TIFF instead of .PSD when I'm done editing and I also save a "web-friendly" file of it in .JPG, though I forgotten to fix the rest into .JPG so you guys will have to wait for some time again. I am so sorry. Going to fix it as soon as possible.

Although, here's some photos from last weekend. My boyfriend spoiled me with a visit to the arcade, Grown Ups 2, food and a bouquet of pink roses.

Work, work and more work...

Published 2013-07-25 14:22:24 in iPhone,

I've been so busy with my work in Stockholm, working longer than I'm supposed to etc, that I haven't got time to upload the rest of Emelie's graduation... I will do it as soon as work will be only "work" and not "overtime work".

Mr & Mrs Nilsson

Published 2013-07-20 19:19:58 in iPhone,

Two weeks ago, my boyfriends sister got married. I played the violin and photographed a little bit. Here's some photos from the wedding. I might put up more photos from the wedding later...

(Part two of Emelie's graduation will come up as soon as I have Internet on my PC again, it is being like a baby at the moment...)


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In this blog you will find photos taken by me with my cute ”little” Nikon D90. From time to time there will pop up a photo or two from my oldest DSLR – Nikon D40X.

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