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Published 2012-08-27 14:35:54 in Ord, Words,

Har lite mycket att göra just nu och det tar nästan all min tid. Tyvärr blir ni drabbade eftersom ni vill se bilder från Adzsa's tid här i Sverige men de har inte så hög prioritering som allt annat har just nu med min praktik.
I have lots of things to do right now and unfortunately it takes almost all my spare time. The photos from Adzsa's time here in Sweden will be uploaded as soon as I have time for it and that will take a few days from now since I am focusing at my internship at Berättarministeriet at the moment.


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In this blog you will find photos taken by me with my cute ”little” Nikon D90. From time to time there will pop up a photo or two from my oldest DSLR – Nikon D40X.